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Commonly Asked Questions


  1. I want to go hunting this year, what do I need to get?

    If you are planning to hunt in Ontario with just a bow/crossbow, you need to have an Ontario Outdoors Card. This card can be obtained by taking the Hunter Education course.

    If you plan on hunting with a rifle or shotgun, you will need both the Ontario Outdoors Card and PAL. A PAL can be obtain by taking the PAL course(CFSC).

  2. When is your next course?

    As soon as a course date is set, it will be posted on the website.  If there are no courses listed, check back often. We try to schedule courses a month in advance.

  3. Can I pay the full course cost when I register?

    We do not accept full course payment when registering. We will only take full payment on the first day of class

  4. Do you accept Credit Cards or Cheques on the first day?

    We do not accept Cheques or Credit Cards as course payment. Clearing of Checks and Credit Cards cannot be done on the weekend, and in the even the Check or Credit card payment does not go though, we have had difficulty getting payment after the course has been done

  5. There are no courses currently on your website. Is there a course I can register on?

    All course are listed on the website. If there's no courses on the website, it's because we have not been able to schedule one. Usually this is because of other commitments, work conflicts or venue issues. Best thing to do is watch the site. When a course is set, it goes up on the site.

  6. Can I register on a full course?

    Courses that are full means, we no longer have seats or materials for anymore students on that course. We do carry a cancelation list in the event someone cancels you may be able to move onto that person's spot. To get on the cancelation list, call Larry at 343-688-0042.

  7. I can't make the course date, can I get my deposit back or moved to another course?

    Generally, No. Deposits are to show your serious about attending the course and fully plan on attending. In extreme circumstances we have been willing to move the deposit to another course. Deposit refunds are only given when a course is cancelled by the instructor or in a full class and your seat can be filled by someone on our cancellation list. If you are unsure if you can make a course date, it's best not too reserve a seat on that course till your sure you can attend.

  8. I have a bunch of friends/coworkers who wants to take a course. Will you come to my location to teach it? Or hold a course for us?

    Yes, "Have guns, will travel!". But before planning a course with us, make sure your friends are SERIOUS about taking the course. It's best to get a deposit as a commitment that your friends are willing to take the course. Many people will say they will take a course, and will back out when money needs to change hands. If you tell us, 10 people will be there, we will expect to be paid for teaching 10 people. Even if only 5 show up.

    Discounts can be arranged depending on number of students and if there is a venue provided. Generally we don't hold courses unless there's 5 or more students and distance to the venue will determine minium number of students. Call Larry at 343-688-0042 to work out the details.

  9. Do you run the One-Stop Course (both the PAL and Hunter Ed) on the same weekend?

    No. We believe in a quality of instruction and a commitment in making sure you have the best opportunity to learn. Your paying us to teach you and do our best to make sure you LEARN the material and understand it so you can pass the test, be knowledgable and safe.

    Jamming 2 courses in one weekend not only make it a LONG weekend, but it is not conducive to our goal. It makes it harder to learn and more difficult to understand the material being presented. We believe in quality of instruction, NOT quantity.

    There are instructors who are willing to teach both firearm and hunter Ed courses in the same weekend. If your goal is to do a one stop course in one weekend, best find one of those instructors (We will not recommend "same weekend One-stop Instructors").

  10. Will you teach/run a course on the weekdays?

    We can, but generally don't. The few times we've arranged a course on the weekdays, not enough people signed up to make it worth wild. If you want to arrange for a group and have a course held on the weekdays, refer to Q&A question 8.

Canadian Firearm Safety Course CFSC (PAL)

  1. I have a POL Card, How do I upgrade to a PAL card?

    You must take the PAL course/CFSC or challenge the test.

  2. I took the PAL/CFSC course a while ago and have not received my PAL yet. What’s taking so long?

    The processing period for PALs varies with the season and demand on the Firearms center. The instructor sends off the paperwork as soon as he is able.

    You can call the Canadian Firearms Center (1-800-731-4000) to find out the status of your application.  Make sure they are aware you are from Ontario, as Ontario paperwork has to be processed threw FFESO before sent off to New Brunswick

  3. My PAL/POL/FAC expired, how do I get it renewed?

    Call the Canadian Firearms Center (1-800-731-4000) and they will be able to help you determine what action you can take.

  4. Do I need a firearms license to purchase a crossbow?

    A PAL is not legally required to purchase a bow or crossbow in Ontario. It may be a store's policy to refuse to sell crossbows to personal without a PAL license.

  5. When will you put on a Restricted PAL?

    Generally restricted courses are not in high demand for us. On average we hold a restricted course two to three times a year. Usually they are announced months a head of time to give anyone a chance to sign up.

Hunter Education

  1. Can I challenge the Hunter Education test?

    Generally, no. The Hunter Education course has to be taken prior to taking the test. The exception to this is, ‘If you have a valid hunter certification from another province or territory’, you may have the opportunity to challenge the test only once.

    Members of the Military or RCMP can go to an MNR or Service Ontario and have there hunting permit from another province or territory converted.

  2. I just moved to the province, can I get my outdoors card to hunt?

    You must reside in the province for a period of 6 months or more before taking the Hunter Education course/test.

    Members of the Military or RCMP can go to an MNR or Service Ontario and have there current valid hunting permit from another province or territory converted. If you have not been in the province for at least 6 months, a letter/memo from your chain of command, stating you are not being posted out of the province within the next year will be required.

International Bowhunter Education Program

  1. When will you hold a IBEP course?

    IBEP Courses are rarely asked for and solemnly run. More often then not we've had to cancel courses since no one signs up. A IBEP course will generally be held in June, before APS season on Garrison Petawawa. This allows people getting posted to places requiring the course to get it before leaving the area.

    If you want to arrange for a group and have a course held, refer to Q&A question 8 in the General Questions