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Hunter Education
Course Information

Courses are offered on separate weekends to allow the students time to fully understand information from each course. Students taking the Hunter Education course must be older then 12 years old and have lived in the province of Ontario for a minimum of 6 months.
(R.C.M.P. and Military personal may be excepted from the 6 month residency period. Call for more info on possible execptions)

What you require to bring to class
You will require the following items on the first day of class.

  • Identification
    One piece ID required can be one of the following:

    Drivers License, Canadian Citizenship Card with photo, Ontario Photo Card, Canadian Permanent Resident Card, Passport, Status Card, PAL or POL, NEXUS Card, Fast/Express Card, any photo card issued under Ontario Photo Card Act 2008

    For any student under 16 who cannot provide photo ID listed above a birth certificate and photo ID of parent or guardian is required.

    All ID must be current and valid

  • Remainder of your course fee or receipt of course fees paid.
  • Lunch (if you decide not to eat out)

Course Cost and fees
Please refer to the course information upon deposit payment for course costs and fees.

The balance of the course fees is due on the first day of classes. You must pay a deposit to reserve your seat in a course.

Other Services
Challenging the Hunter Education & Test Re-Writes
You may only challenge the HE test if you have lived in Ontario for 6 months or more 
and have a valid Hunter/Outdoors card from another Province/Territory.


Challenging the PAL & RPAL Test
First time PAL & RPAL Tests can no longer be challenged.
You must take the CFSC/PAL first to write the test.
Test re-writes and speical cirrucmstance challanges are $40 an attempt


There are no refunds for not passing a test.